With What We Could Carry

Through sculpture and computational rendering, we explore the complexities of heritage, labor, and technological advancement. The solo exhibition juxtaposes ancient construction methods against digital fabrication processes, while considering how past models are shaping our visions for the future.

This body of work features handmade bricks, 3D prints of ancestral objects, steel armature, lime-pumice plaster plinth, and 3D wireframe portraits of the artist’s family on coffee dyed cotton with machine embroidered conductive thread. The exhibition was commissioned for Eden Ünlüata-Foley’s Humankind series and developed with contributions from students in his 2D and 3D undergraduate courses in Michigan.


  • Manierre Dawson Gallery, WSCC (2023)


  • Jeffrey Hennies, Custom Plinth Fabrication
  • DeAllen Young, 3D Fabrication
  • Leonardo Selvaggio, 3D Scanning Collaborator