Carry On

This commissioned artist book layers three generations of data within the paired experimental video and wearable sculpture. It acknowledges the complexities of reproduction and approaches birth stories as allegories.

Narratives unfold from the entangled and encapsulating figures of parent, child, and grand children within the looping animation. All are enmeshed as spatial data captured using LiDAR, photogrammetry, and AI processing techniques. The large tote bag is constructed using heavy cotton canvas printed with the wireframe patterns from the animation. Together, they juxtapose traditional craft and digital fabrication processes as a means to comprehend the weight of past, present, and imagined futures.


  • Buffalo AKG Museum (2023)
  • Indiana University Wells Library (2023)
  • Monroe County Public Library (2023)


  • Jane Bagnall, Bag Construction
  • Leonardo Selvaggio, 3D Scanning Collaborator